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Online Game Challenge - Follow the Stars

It’s time for our second online game challenge we have for you! This month it’s a game called Follow the Stars! This game is suitable for 3 years and up and it tests memory and ability to recall short simple musical phrases and patterns. This game is great for kids to get introduced to music with as well!

When you’re at the main page, choose your difficulty level and start playing! How the game goes is that each of the stars is tied to a different note. The game will start with one of the stars being played and players need to follow and click on that star. The next pattern will have two stars being played and players need to remember which are the two stars in the same order. The notes that the stars give off are helpful in the memorisation process! And this continues on as more stars are added to the pattern. Players will need to remember a string of pattern that forms a musical phrase and press the stars in the order which was played!

We recommend to try this game with your little one once every other day!


Practice is a trill!


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