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Music for the Little Ones

Music for the little ones - Stella

Individual Piano Coaching

More attention to your child's progress as compared to group classes, problem areas quickly solved

Fun Music Theory Exercises

Theoretical concepts are made easier to grasp. ABRSM topics are taught from early stages.

Exciting Music Games

Learning through play is always the best form of learning!

Music Appreciation and Aural Training Components

Lesson Duration



4 up

Class Size


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To build on your child's hearing and understanding of music

About the Course

At My Piano Room, your child will have a warm and fun environment to learn music in!


All lessons at our school comprise three components - Piano Playing, Written Work, Music Games/Ear Training to ensure that class time is never stagnant but fun and stimulating!


To keep young ones engaged, we also play music games that keep your child intrigued and uncover a greater knowledge of the music concepts that have been taught for that lesson.


My Piano Room provides Individual piano lessons with your little ones from as young as 4 years old to prepare them to seamlessly transit to abrsm graded exams.


Your child will learn to play the piano, grasp different music terms and concepts and go through basic aural (ear) training through fun and concise lesson components.

My Piano Room - About the Course
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