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Ashley started piano lessons at the age of 5.5, which is "late"compared to most piano students here. She sat down for her first trial with Teacher Serene, and she was smitten, with what she had learned, and how she learned it with little effort and with much play, not to mention she fell in love with Serene because she was/is such a great person!


In less than a year, my amateur ears listened to the short tunes Ashley practiced on her piano, with confidence and ease, and a few months later she was playing an all time favorite "Ode To Joy" so beautifully. Serene is also very active in the performing circles in terms of directing music and performing herself, and she has taken a step further by exposing her students to performing on stage, and it has been a wonderful and enriching experience for the children!


I love the fact that there is no pressure, there is only encouragement and a very effective method of teaching on Serene's part.


Thank you for bringing music to our hall!

My Piano Room Esplanade - Testimonial Ashley
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